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Having a brew for Oktoberfest? Chico-based Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. works with the California Climate Action Registry to annually track, report and certify its greenhouse gas emissions. The brewery was previously recognized by the state of California in 2005 for its waste reduction and recycling practices - recycling the following:

• 35.5 million pounds of grain
• 512,000 pounds of hops
• 11,025,000 pounds of yeast
• 800,000 pounds of glass, cardboard, office paper and other materials.

Good Moos
We first introduced you to Denhay Farm Cheddar in our Holiday issue. Our cheese buyer said it was the best she'd ever had. And here's something we love even more: The folks at Denhay are the first farm in the UK to be approved by Freedom Food, a national initiative in Britain to recognize farms that are committed to animal welfare and comfort.

Sponsored by Britain's RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), Freedom Food farms are strictly audited by independent monitors, including surprise spot checks.(You can get "cheesy" in our Deli.)

Green Moon
The Lunar New Year begins on January 26.
Celebrate the Year of the Ox with a great – and green – meal.
Combine 4½ cups hot, cooked Full Circle Organic Rice, 1 (16-oz.) bag Peeled, Deveined, Tail-On Cooked Full Circle Shrimp (drained, rinsed and tails removed), 2 cups thawed Full Circle Frozen Mixed Vegetables, 2/3 cup Full Circle Organic Asian Sauce (Soy Ginger, Ginger Sesame or Garlic) and contents of 2 Full Circle Organic Green Tea bags in a large saucepan. Heat until warm. Makes 6 servings.

Hot Stuff
Even hot sauce can make a difference.
For over 140 years, the McIlhenny family has been making Tabasco Sauce on Avery Island, Louisiana. And over that time, they’ve been committed to keeping it a wildlife refuge.
Back in the 1890’s, the company’s founder set up a bird sanctuary to protect the egrets that were being hunted for feathers for ladies’ hats.
Today, thousands of egrets and other water birds come to nest on the island each spring.

What's in the Bag?
Check out our new reusable bags – there’s one for everyone!
• 6-bottle wine tote – for being the life of the party
• 100% certified organic canvas – for those that like everything organic
• Bag made from recycled plastic bottles – ’nuff said!

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Bel Air on West El Camino used to have a recyling center for cans, glass and plastic bottles. Since it has closed at this site, is there another anywhere else that is run by Raleys/BelAir?

Comment Number: 4467


The closest recycling center that is run by Raley's/BelAir is located at: 4650 Natomas Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95835. You can also visit and enter your zip code to find the closest recycling center near you.

Comment Number: 4472


Illustration of Chico-based Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. works with the California Climate Action Registry to annually track, report and certify its greenhouse gas emissions.
Greentoberfest: Having a brew for Oktoberfest?

Image of Denhay Farm in England
Good Moos: Denhay Farm in England

Image of Green Moon Meal
Green Moon Meal